August 15, 2014| Zillow Blog| Emily Heffter| Link


Seana McGee named her floating home the Temple of Light after she walked in the first time and saw how the light streams in the windows, like a sanctuary.

“The light comes flooding through,” she said. “When I walked in there, I said, ‘this is a temple.’”

McGee and her husband lived in Southeast Asia for a decade before moving to Sausalito, CA, and they decorated the floating home with furniture and keepsakes from their travel, adding to the sense that the sun-filled home is both a living and meditation space.

Like many of the 450 floating homes in the area, 20 Gate 6 1/2 Rd has bohemian beginnings in the 1960s, as a 1-room A-frame balanced on pontoons. In the 1980s, a previous owner raised up the original house and put it on a 100,000-pound concrete barge.

That owner then added a second story and a dormer for the kitchen, squeezing 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms into the 1,748-square-foot home. The neighbors on the long pier jokingly call their neighborhood “the suburbs” because the dock is so spacious, with open water on both sides and more privacy than in some communities.

The deck includes a hot tub, and from the sleeping loft you can look out across the home’s great room out the windows to Mount Tamalpais. But the A-frame windows are what make the home ethereal — nothing but water and light.

“When people walk in, they gasp,” McGee said.


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