Buyers Facing Fewer Bidding Wars

Daily Real Estate News | Friday, December 27, 2013 | link
buyer of the building
With bidding wars easing in many markets, buyers may face less competition in their attempts to snag a home this winter. That’s according to the latest Bidding War Report by the real estate brokerage Redfin. According to the report, competition for homes hit its lowest point since 2011 last month. About 51 percent of Redfin agents nationwide reported facing bidding wars in November, down from 63.6 percent a year earlier. The home-buying competition rate has dropped for eight straight months, after peaking in March at 75.3 percent. Still, the brokerage’s report does show demand growing stronger than expected at the end of the year. “Home buyers who failed to get an offer accepted early in the year have been stockpiling down payment money all year long,” says Amber Hancock, manager of Redfin’s San Francisco East Bay market. “They’re jumping back in this time as better qualified, more confident competitors, taking advantage of the easing late-fall market.” Read more…]]>

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