Selling Your Home

Your home is your most valuable asset, and you only get one chance to sell it. We are all worried about the costs of selling a home, getting the most money when we sell, with the least hassle possible (me too!). So, I treat my clients’ homes as I would my own. I look at every aspect of the home, it’s location, size, floorplan, unique features and drawbacks, etc. Then I construct a unique marketing plan for your home.

A Marketing Strategy:

Create the Story:
There is a difference between a strategy and “process”. I don’t treat every home the same, advertise with basically the same ad featuring me more than your home, and in the same places. My marketing team and I look at who the likely buyers for your home will be, what are their tastes and interests, then we develop copy and imagery to appeal to those groups and set your home apart from the competition.

For preparation, I make a “wish list” of all the things I would do if it were my home, then get estimates and review with the seller. We have developed some metrics comparing improvement investments with sale prices that we use to benchmark that investment to help determine which improvements are must-have, nice to have and discretionary. These decisions are driven by the marketing and pricing strategy that we agree on.

Capture the Story:
We choose the best tools from photos, video, 3D models, floorpans, etc. to best showcase your home. Capturing the story of the home is critical here. Why did you buy it? Did you raise a family here? Retire here? Invent something here? Have a favorite space to read or nap? We find those threads that will create an emotional connection with a buyer (I like naps too!), which then means your home is no longer a commodity of bedrooms, bathrooms and square feet. It’s a home. A home is emotional. It is your castle, your sanctuary, your respite from the world.
What do you value more, a house or your home?