Three DIY Home Projects To Do Before Fall



Home improvement projects can be fun and add value, whether you’re making your home space more usable, more attractive, or more comfortable. Here are three projects to get your creativity flowing based on your skillset.



Painting your front door can increase your curb appeal and give a feeling of newness to your entryway. Choose your color in a glossy exterior paint – a quart should be enough. You may want to test a few colors in various lighting before you make your final decision.

Be sure you paint on a dry day with moderate temperature so the paint can dry and not blister. Start by either removing the door and any hardware or by taping off the areas that aren’t receiving paint. Scrape off any chipping paint, sanding the door if needed. Brush off any dust, dirt, or debris and apply paint with primer, or prime first and then paint it once dry.

Other ideas: freshen up the look of a room with a new paint color, accent wall, or cleanly painted trim.



Pavers come in all shapes and sizes and can create a flat parking space for an RV, more design and aesthetic to your entry, or even a whimsical path to outdoor space. Quickly spruce up an area, such as a garden, with a border. Or, dig a 5” deep trench set with compacted class V gravel and sand to create a long-lasting foundation for decorative pavers.

Other ideas: consider adding outdoor lighting along your new path or end it with a patio. An outdoor fireplace and seating area will make the space perfect for entertaining.



Kitchen and bathrooms are where we spend most of our time, and a mini-makeover can create a more beautiful or usable space. Replace hardware, add a tile backsplash, or install a new counter or sink to instantly transform your space. Install drawer roll-outs to increase storage and reduce clutter.


Local hardware stores and online tutorials are sure to inspire and instruct you on your makeover. And all these projects can be completed over a weekend.

Other ideas: consider installing shelving and/or organizers in a closet, laundry, or mudroom.

Don’t have the time or skill to do it yourself? Contact me about in-home services from a great handyman, plumber, or electrician.

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